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Trulife Breast Forms

Natural breast forms dedicated to restore comfort and confidence after surgery. It is a wide range of shapes, as partial, leisure, and swim forms that compliment a woman's natural beauty and fit trends in surgery type and lifestyle.

Trulife Silk

Silk defines what a breast form should be; soft and natural. It offers unparalleled softness and suppleness and is 30% lighter than traditional silicone. All silk forms offer a natural drape not found with other breast forms. Natural-colored pigment produces a color that blends well with various skin tones.

Trulife SoLight

SoLight forms are 25% lighter than traditional silicone forms and their molded back promotes air circulation. SoLight silicone allows women to experience lightweight comfort.

Trulife Traditional

Traditional breast forms drape and move like natural breast tissue. The soft film and variety of shapes make traditional silicone a good option for many women.


Trulife Breast Forms...
471 Trulife Silk Triangle
472 Trulife Silk Plus Triangle
473 Trulife Silk Teardrop
474 Trulife Silk Profile
475 Trulife Silk A Supreme
476 Trulife Silk Connect
477 Trulife Silk Flex
478 Trulife Silk Xtend
480 Trulife Silk Allure
503 Trulife A Supreme
508 Trulife Symphony
509 Trulife E Supreme
518 Trulife Le Couer
528 Trulife Symphony Encore
549 Trulife Symphony Encore Light
550 Trulife SoLight
553 Trulife Supreme Light

Trulife System of Cup Forms & Shapes


The breast tissue drapes in the lower cup of the bra.


Equal amount of breast tissue on the top and bottom of the breast, with a more round appearance in the upper cup area.


Has the most round appearance.


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