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What Our Customers have to say

We take great pride in our exceptional customer service and we believe our success over the years is directly related to to our many customer referrals and great testimonials. We encourage customer feedback and we do our best to make sure that every customer is handled as an individual with unique needs and requirements. Thank you to all of you who have made the extra effort to offer us your gratitude. We appreciate your comments. Please email or contact us at any time to give us your feedback or suggestions.

Just wanted to express my thanks for all the care and service you gave me -- everything arrived A OK and I am well pleased. Thanks for going the "extra mile" for me.


We just got this and it is terrific! Thank you so very much - my Mom is thrilled!


Thank you Nancy. You've been so nice and made my call to you feel so personal. I hope you have a boss you can send a copy of the message on to. You are a breath of fresh air in the customer service world. Thanks again for checking on the size of the bra vs. the form.


I received the order today, Wednesday, November 5. My mother is away until Monday but I'm sure she will be suprised that it came so quick. If there is any problem, I will contact you. Thank you for your help in this order. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.


Thanks for all your help. I've been raving to friends about how wonderful you were to call me; enough to almost make them wish they too needed to order a breast form (but not quite).


YIPPEE! Wonderful! What a quick response! It's always nice to see that there are actually people who care on the other end of the keyboard. Please tell your supervisor I think you're great....and deserve a raise!


I received my breast form today. Thank you for the fast and courteous service that I received. I appreciate the extra effort that you gave to ensure that I received my form before my vacation. At first I was a little skeptical about ordering from a company via the internet, but after doing business with you several times, I will recommend your company to anyone. Thank you so much.


My form arrived this morning, and it is perfect! Thank you for your prompt responses, and for making it easy to purchase such a quality product.


Everything came today and it is wonderful. I am so comfortable. Didn't know it could happen. I do have a question. I have a couple of linen blouses that have key hole openings in the front and I wondered if I could wear bra 2118 in white as it is a camisole type. Would that work for me? Thank you for all of your help. I am more comfortable than I ever was when I had my own breasts. Scoliosis does cause many problems. And thank God you understand that as nobody else does. Again, thanks so much.


... I actually started trying to replace my current form last November with my local lady. For numerous reasons, I don't think I'll be using her again, and decided to resort to the web for my replacement form. I bought my original form from another local lady, who eventually switched and became a real estate agent.:( She was absolutely wonderful, and got me this first Amoena form. I was never really happy with the other person I finally located in a nearby town, and after the November transactions, I won't use her again. So you can only imagine how happy I have been to deal with you. You have been patient and responsive to my questions and requests. I realized that we were taking up some time in figuring this out, but I wanted to be pretty sure I had the right product for me. Thanks again for keeping me posted on what is going on.


My goodness you have been SO helpful. I took a look at the #651 and after reading your note about your conversation with Amoena, this form looks like the right one for me!! It was thoughtful of you to call them. Thanks. I think I'll order it, and hope it is perfect in size and shape. ... Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help.


Thank you. I was really pleased to have discovered your site. I have been rather annoyed that most department stores do not carry bras with pockets. I need these things - a lot of women do! - and I do not like feeling abnormal when I shop. It was a thrill to find a place with such a great selection and so user-friendly. I have not gotten anything new since my mastectomy, over two years ago. So, thanks!


Good morning Nancy. I really don't know where to begin. I am so so grateful for the help and advice you took the time to give me when I was trying desperately hard to purchase the right breast forms for my friend who is recovering from breast cancer. She has since got in touch to say that it reached her safely, she was so overwhelmed and happy that at last she could wear forms that did not aggravate her that she cried (to date she has had to make do with a foam type form which was too harsh to wear all the time so soon after surgery and was causing her a lot of pain). Without your help during my pre and post purchase I would not have been able to help her and I am really thankful to you for that. You were amazing in many ways; you advised me in making the right purchase, you went the extra mile to include the mastectomy bra in my order and when the order failed to reach me you reassured me and ensured a replacement order was sent to me in the time I had to get it someone who could deliver it to her safely. If you had not been so helpful and proactive in your approach I would still be waiting for the initial order, which has still not arrived in the post. (Postal delivery is proving not to be the UK’s biggest strengths at present)

In all my shopping years I have never come across anyone who demonstrated greater customer service skills as you did to me, you confirmed everything that I learned during my marketing degree to be great marketing, sales and customer service skills. (In the process you also proved all the ‘on-line buying sceptics’ around me wrong.

Very big thank you from a very grateful young lady. ( I will contact you again as soon as the original order arrives.)


Thank you Nancy for the information and encouragement. I will look forward to getting the brochures you promised. I just want to get the surgery over with and let the healing begin. Take care, I'll stay in touch.


Nancy, I talked to you awhile back, about getting the correct size breast form and bra for me. ... I am so grateful that I called you. I am so happy with the bra and breast prosthesis. Everything is just perfect Thank you so much.


I was very nervous when I called last week to order breast forms. But the person I spoke with was very patient, understanding and helpful. She explained in detail what my options were and helped me select the right forms. I received them just a couple of days later. Thank you very much.


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your great service and product. You were very courteous and patient when I had some questions. Then I mentioned that I wished to have them by Thursday, you arranged to ship them second day, with a minimal shipping charge. The end result was that the forms arrived on Wednesday, as promised. I wish to commend you for the quality of your product and the helpfulness and concern for your customer. Your service is excellent. Thank you and keep up the good work.


I placed an order this afternoon and the help I received was wonderful! You made me feel so at ease. Thank You.


Thank you for your courtesy in this most personal matter. I will be ordering with you again as I very much like the service.


... I can say only one thing - you and your company have proven this many times over with me, and you can rest assured that I will do my best to promote your product and your company without any hesitation what so ever.


WOW--I am awed by your service... It seems all too rare these days to find vendors that give a darn... So many internet people I have dealt with just seem to want the cash and "Don't bother me, buddy..." I always say to my friends that customer service died a few years ago... Can't tell you how much I appreciate finding someone like you that makes this suddenly NOT true ...


Thank you for my order, which arrived today, also for the consideration you took when attaching the invoice. Thank you. (The package was not disturbed!!). In view of the horrors in the USA, I think the order arrived in quick time. I am still thinking of ordering the self -adhesive breast form. … Thank you again for all your help.


The order arrived 24 Sept. … I'm very pleased with the order and the timely manner in which it arrived.


I received the package. ... I want to thank you for all your assistance with my order.


I received my form in the mail yesterday, only a day after I ordered it! The quality and feel of the form greatly exceeds my expectations. …

Thank you for all your time and patience answering questions and offering advice. … Thanks again for all your help.


Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today just as you had indicated, and I might add, in good condition. The form and the attachment system appear to be just what I want. I do like your product.

Thanks again for your quick response to my inquiry. I'm sure I'll be purchasing my skin supports from you.



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