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It Stays ! roll on adhesive

Your Breast Forms Become Part Of You!



No lady should be without It Stays!

It Stays is a gentle roll-on body adhesive. The perfect adhesive to keep your breast forms in place! Your forms become part of YOU. While not designed to allow you to go braless, It Stays will hold your breast forms to your chest to encourage natural movement, warmth and feel.

Holds your breast forms in place when you are very active.

Dozens of uses for an inexpensive product. It is a great product to hold wigs, shoulder straps and support hose in place. It adheres to most materials. It Stays remains flexible, moving with your skin - no chipping or cracking. It washes off instantly, leaving no residue. Many of our clients use It Stays to hold clothing in place. For example, if you have a blouse that reveals too much when you bend over, just use a little It Stays to solve the problem. Use It Stays to help keep breast forms in place (see Notes below). We have never had a complaint of skin irritation.

Why We Recommend This Product
  • Only $10.00 for a versatile adhesive!
  • Create a bond between you and your breast forms.
  • No more need to reposition breast forms after bending over other activity.
  • The perfect product for attaching Nipples to your breast forms.
  • Great body adhesive for clothing, nylons, silicon nipples, shoulder straps, etc.
  • Keeps wigs and loose hair in place.
  • That blouse too revealing? Just use It Stays!
  • Safe for most fabrics.
  • Washes off instantly.
  • So comfortable you will never know it is there.
  • Moves with you.
  • Not Irritating.
  • It Stays will not damage silicone Breast Forms or nipples.
  • Please read “Notes-using with Breast Forms
Notes - Using with Breast Forms

It Stays Adhesive is quite strong and will adhere your breast forms to your chest, but is NOT strong enough to allow you to go braless.


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